Bio-little more about us

Dad joey sawing mia in box cropped
Joey Dove Giants stadium

On the Road, as a family in Fredericksberg VA., performing "the  Alan Wakeling Sawing” with Ms. Mia Caress-ably assisted by a young Joey Garsetti.  And after the show at the Meadowlands, spectators get up close & personal with “George” of our 13 doves...

Davia Witch

Daiva Garsetti as the "not so wicked witch" backstage before a performance.  

And of course, “Shadow” performing her favorite card trick...

shadow is this your card

..."After considerable thought and efforts, I have found your card - please tell me the name of your card…

shadow 8 of hearts

"What do you mean, it wasn’t the 8 of hearts?”

shadow 2 diamonds

“HAH! just kidding, I knew it was the two of diamonds all along-I love this stuff!!!"